"Kris is a world class strength coach, he has helped me improve multiple aspects of my training and racing" – David Sharpe, Dalhousie Swimmer & Member of Canada’s 2012 Olympic Swim Team 200m fly.

"Kris finds time in his busy schedule to run the strength and conditioning program for Dalhousie’s varsity men’s and women’s swim teams. He has created an innovative and effective program that is really tailored to the needs of high level competitive swimmers. His program is well researched and up to the moment. His delivery is superb. The athletes have gained so much from his program and it has enhanced their performance level every year." – David Fry, Former Head Coach, Dalhousie Varsity Swimming

"Thanks to PUSH Group Fitness, I’m in the best shape of my life—in my mid-fifties. The workouts are always the best part of my day, and they energize my whole day every time." – Don Veinish

"Being in a group session with Kris leading the way is challenging and also fun. He is watchful of everyone to ensure they are doing the exercises correctly to get the maximum benefit. His encouragement and advice create an atmosphere of mutual support. The group dynamic is invaluable as we help each other reach our fitness goals. I have noticed a significant difference in not only how I feel but how I look and my fitness level has increased substantially. This is the best fitness experience I have ever had." – Joan Wark

"When I began working with Devon Norris at Push Fitness I was over weight and had been increasingly having joint problems and my blood sugar was on the rise. I never thought of myself as particularly coordinated. Eight months later I have lost 40 pounds and have no more joint pain or joint problems. My blood sugar has dropped to new 10 year lows. And best of all I believe in myself as a physical being and am enjoying physical activity. I stand taller and straighter with what my trainer calls ‘a proud chest’. My trainer, Devon Norris has been wonderful. He has taught me through constant encouragement to believe in myself and my abilities. He has taught me to try harder, to keep challenging myself. At the end of a difficult day, when I am running late he always says ‘Come on down anyway – you’ll feel better.’ And I do." – Martha Crago

"Devon is a knowledgeable, motivating, respectful…and careful trainer. He is committed to helping you achieve your results and avoid injury. He is also one of the most likeable trainers I have ever worked with and that’s a huge motivating factor – spending time with someone focussed on helping you who is also fun to be around is a great combination." – Catherine Bagnell Styles

"Kris joined the Dalhousie Swimming staff 3 years ago and has since been an incredible asset to our team. His program has allowed me to make incredible gains in all my strokes, allowing me drop times and get an AUS record. He is very informative, friendly and truly understands the exercises necessary for our sport. I’m excited to begin my last year of varsity swimming with Kris’ program and help my team win another AUS championship." – Bryan Fumerton, Former Dalhousie Swimming Men’s Captain, AUS Record Holder 400m Freestyle

"I started training with Devon and following his program in my second year at Dalhousie. Playing on the Women’s Volleyball team, I have made tremendous gains in my fitness and strength. Devon was very committed to my team and would always be available for questions or supervision. He was also open to suggestions and was consistently attentive to ensuring we were following the best program specific to my team and sport. Now I am entering my fourth year at Dal and I am in the best shape I have ever been. Thanks to Devon’s summer strength and cardio program I am ready to play my last year of volleyball and win an AUS championship." – Lauren Smith, AUS First-Team all-star, AUS Libero of the year and Team MVP.