Semi-Private Training

We upgrade lives. Our PUSH trainers take an individualized approach in a small group setting to give you an effective and memorable personal training experience. Our semi-private sessions are designed to give you what you want but also what you need. You will get stronger, move better and gain confidence along the way! There are 1 – 3 trainers per time slot and up to 4 clients per trainer. We book our sessions on the hour and you can contact us or book your session through our PUSH app.

Group Fitness

Our group fitness classes are energy producing, injury reducing, strength building, stress relieving, butt-kicking fun! The unique structure of our group classes allows you to work at your own pace but also ride the energy wave of training with others. The positive, social environment is super high energy and helps push you to achieve your goals to live longer, live better, and be happy. We guarantee this will be the best part of your day!


Are you someone battling an injury and looking to move forward? Are you recovering from surgery? Do you experience chronic pain and exercise has been recommended? Has someone recommended exercise as a part of your recovery and you don’t know where to start?

At PUSH Fitness we understand injury and we want to help you live better. Injuries can be mentally and physically demanding and strength training can be an essential part of your recovery plan. We are open to working with other health care specialists to get you where you need to be. We believe that exercise and strengthening can help you heal faster. The PUSH team is equipped with a number of exercises that can be modified and adapted for maximum improvement while staying safe.

Youth Fitness

Physical fitness has so many benefits to your health. It’s especially important to learn healthy habits early on. The goal of our youth program is to build a strong foundation of strength at a young age. At PUSH, we work with kids of all levels; from learning the basics to competitive athletes. Whether you’re trying to take your game to the next level or striving to live a healthy lifestyle, our experienced coaches will help you achieve your goals.

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