We’ve got our virtual training rolling out this week. That means you’ll have unlimited access to semi-private online sessions (1 coach for up to 4 clients with real-time coaching, corrections and feedback) and group classes that you can complete from the comfort of your home while getting real-time instructions from one of our coaches. We’ll be using a video call app where you and your coach can both see each other.

We’ll still be doing some Instagram Live’s, but virtual training will be taking priority, so stay tuned for the new Instagram Live schedule.

Here’s How The Virtual Training Sessions Will work:

1) You’ll sign up for the sessions of your choice each week by emailing us or using the PUSH app.

2) 15 minutes before your session, you will be sent an email with you meeting link. Once you click on this link you will be able to join the session via an app called Zoom. If you don’t have the app you’ll be prompted to quickly download it after you click on the link.

You can use your laptop or phone, however a laptop will be easier to see your coach.

We can accommodate everyone regardless of if you have no equipment or a full home gym (remember, you can borrow our equipment and bring it home whenever you need). 

3) These virtual sessions won’t come off your normal session package – monthly membership clients can continue to book as normal.

4) You can either choose unlimited sessions per week for $79 (tax inc), OR unlimited session per month for $199 (tax inc). Credit card payments can be processed by your coach.

5) We’ve got a free day this Monday March 23rd where you can book in and see how things will run. Contact us and we can get you booked in!

Just email

The whole team is super excited about this new style of fitness and we are extremely confident that we can provide you with high quality exercise instruction and a strong virtual community for the remaining isolation time.

Please let us know if this is of interest to you.

All the best.