Kevin Lacey

Semi-Private Client

About 10 months ago I made an appointment with Kris to talk about whether PUSH could help me. I’ll never forget my first assessment where I got many zeros and ones.

In the last month, I accomplished the goal I set out to achieve when I first came to PUSH. Now there’s a lot of room for improvement, but I could not have done this without all of your help.

Specifically, I would like to thank Keishia, who coaches me the most. For putting up with my constant questions, staying late, and allowing me to have a flexible schedule. Most importantly, Keishia taught me to think like an athlete with a goal. That really helped motivate me when I started to get up at 5am to go running.

Kris told me when I started that I wouldn’t regret getting healthy. When he first said it I thought it was just a line, but he was right, achieving my goal or not, I feel better, live better and I’m happier because of my fitness. Plus, I’m having fun.

So again, thank you for all that you do to help me. I’m looking forward to working towards our next goal and to improving my strength. Today I am one very happy customer of PUSH Fitness.