Gary Wilson

Semi-Private Client and Group Class Member

When I first made the decision to seek out a fitness facility I was interested in a place that had knowledgeable staff to help me with my chronic low back pain. That fitness journey has continued for over 13 years, even after the low back pain was gone in the first year. I now consider my fitness sessions as an investment in my life.

I particularly like the approach they use regarding functional fitness to tackle everyday tasks. That approach has helped me manage my daily routines with ease. All staff have the same approach so there is consistency no matter who I work with on any given day.

The group classes have a mixture of people at different fitness levels and there is a positive sense of no judgement and encouragement, no matter what level each of us are at.

I find I get a lot out of the semi-private training sessions where small groups workout together. We may all have a different focus and program but the encouragement you get makes it more enjoyable. Sometimes, in these sessions you are with competitive athletes, younger folk just starting their fitness journey or older adults just wanting to remain active. All of us, along with the staff, encourage each other and that leads to me having a far better workout than doing it on my own.

All the staff have the same philosophy and are quick to adapt any workout plan depending my skill or any limitations I am experiencing at the time. They also keep a close eye on my technique and are quick to correct anything that is not being done properly. The facility is well equipped with all you could ever need.

I have done far more than I could have imagined since day one. From not being able to walk comfortably to completing a marathon, cycling and everything in between. The team at PUSH fitness has been there, even being honest enough to slow me down when they knew by body was not quite ready to meet my perceived expectations. The facility really has the whole package of fitness, nutrition and fun in a safe non-judgemental environment.