Connie Jenkins

Semi-Private Client

I wanted a gym where I could train and not just work out. Luckily I found PUSH. I met Victoria and we started a program geared to my training needs.

I needed direction to help strengthen my back without injuring myself. With age and an old injury, I had a recurrent lower back issue that would flare now and then and, when it did, would impede any progress I was making working out on my own.

I am so grateful to have found PUSH and have benefited significantly from training at the gym. My goals are to keep moving, maintain flexibility and increase strength. By times, I push myself a bit too hard and end up tweaking something but, fortunately, Victoria keeps me in check reminding me to make reasonable goals with the objective of training healthy. She’s always right. Train smart.

PUSH is truly a special place. To me, it is more than a gym. It is a community of dedicated professionals with a like-minded membership focusing on health, fitness and fun. I feel just the right amount of challenge when I’m there and look forward to my workouts. Thank you PUSH team.