Claire Warren

Youth Strength Program

I came to PUSH because I was looking to make a step athletically and up my performance and nutrition in a way I hadn’t been able to before. Friends I knew trained at PUSH who played high level hockey and they had nothing but good things to say about the staff, facility and actual training itself.

I was awful at anaerobic endurance, and I thought it was really holding me back from unlocking my full potential as an athlete. I knew I didn’t have the size that my other counter parts did in the net so I needed something else: speed. The trainers put us through cardio at the end of every lift, pushing us to be better and re-define our limits. The change I saw in my speed and performance was incredible.

I feel strong and fast and I’ve grown more as an athlete over the years I’ve been training here. Victoria and I often had meetings about nutrition too, to make sure I was fuelling my body properly to set myself up for long-term success and not waste hard work. They’re always available to provide feedback while you’re lifting to make sure everything is executed safely and properly.

I love being able to connect with the staff on personal levels. I see them more as friends and less so as trainers. When I come to workout, I’m excited to be there and consider myself a part of that training family. I couldn’t be happier to call myself a client.

For a while, PUSH kind of became a place of sanctuary for me. It didn’t matter how tired I was, or how bad my day was going, I knew I could walk in, leave my problems at the door, and just train. If I was having a hard time, I could always reach out if I needed to. The point is, no matter what I was doing, I knew the staff were looking out for my best interests I could not be more grateful for them.