Chris Welsh

Youth Strength Program parent

My sons were looking for improvements in their off-season training for hockey and we saw the result with others who trained there. After their first off-season, they were not disappointed. The main goal was to get hockey-specific training. The results were terrific! When Nick returned to camp after his off-season training with PUSH, the team staff in Shawinigan Cataractes hockey team (QMJHL) could not believe the transformation from the previous year.

The training program is designed to be sport-specific, and the hours to train were flexible. Training in groups with specific needs and goals also helps motivate the boys.

The staff is what makes PUSH unique. They get to know the clients, are great motivators and take the clients’ results personally. If you are not performing, they’ll let you know. They help you find that edge you need to improve and get great results.

I have three boys playing hockey at an elite level. All three realize they must train to become better. PUSH has given them that opportunity to make a difference in their game. All three have improved each year because of their off-season preparation and motivation given at PUSH. Thank you to PUSH for helping them achieve their goals!