PUSH Nutrition – Assessment & Follow Up

PUSH Nutrition Counselling – $138 ($120 + tax)

This includes a 60-75 minute assessment and 30-60 minute follow-up. This is designed for otherwise healthy individuals who would like some guidance on how to adjust their current diet to get the results they desire. Nutrition is the deciding factor when it comes to gaining, losing, or maintaining weight – you can’t out-run a poor diet. The goal is to establish healthy lifestyle habits that are easy to maintain and yield results.

During the assessment, we will talk about your current diet, goals, habits and lifestyle to come up with an individualized approach to nutrition. Together, we will develop a plan that includes short-term goals that lead us to your long-term goal. During the follow up, we will see how the current plan is working for you and adjust accordingly. In an effort to help you reach your goals, There will be email support, recipe exchanges and strategies for staying on track.

For more information please contact Victoria Shupe