New to PUSH Fitness?

Step 1: Free phone consultation

Are you wondering if we are a good fit? A 15-minute phone call provided on request for new clients to answer your questions.

Step 2: Book your Wellness Game Plan session

Schedule Wellness Game Plan session by emailing us your preferred dates and times and we will respond as soon as possible with your appointment time. Your appointment will be up to an hour and you will want to bring comfortable clothes that you can move around in. You can read more about the Wellness Game Plan here.

Step 3: Book your corresponding training sessions

Should you decide to purchase the 1-week trial, we will take a moment at the Wellness appointment to book you in for some training sessions with one of our professional strength coaches.

Step 4: Book your complimentary session with our Nutrition coach

This can be done in the same fashion as booking your Wellness session or can also be done at the appointment. Email Victoria if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 5: get ready to Live Better. Live Longer. Be Happy.

Pricing and costs:

  • Individual Wellness Game Plan session: FREE
  • *1-Week Trial: $49.00 + tax
  • 5-Session Training Package: $250 + tax
  • 10-Session Training Package: $390 + tax
  • 20-Session Training Package: $680 + tax
  • 50-Session Training Package: $1600 + tax

*New members only, must complete a Wellness Game Plan session