Staying Positive Through an Injury

Getting injured sucks. Having your workout routine derailed because of it, makes it feel even worse. For a lot of us, exercise is built into our weekly schedules. And though we don’t always look forward to every workout, we know the value of doing it regularly. So suddenly being hit with an injury can cause a lot of frustration, worry, sadness, and even anxiety. The idea of not knowing when you’re going to get back to your routine can be stressful. It can make you feel helpless and even hopeless. BUT, it’s doesn’t have to! Here are some important things to remember when you’re dealing with an injury.


Take some rest

First and foremost, take the rest you need in the beginning. If your doctor, physiotherapist, or other practitioner tells you to take it easy for a few days or a week – do it. There is no such thing as “pushing through the pain”. Your body is trying to tell you that whatever you’re doing isn’t quite right. So don’t stress about missing a few workouts in these early stages of healing.


There are things you can do

Chances are, the injury you’ve incurred only affects one part of your body, so guess what? You can still move ALL of the other parts! Once you’re comfortable with any adjustments you’ve had to make outside of the gym, and have been given the ok to start exercising again, it’s time to head back! Make a plan with your trainer for all of the cool stuff you’re still able to do. It’s pretty amazing what kind of modifications can be made to adjust your workouts around your injury. It’s all about getting creative. The bottom line is, keeping your body moving and your muscles strong are going to help the healing process.


Trust the process

Depending on your injury, the road to recovery might seem incredibly long at first glance. But taking it one step at a time, and trusting the process is really important. That might mean changing your idea of what exercise looks like for a while. If you are used to lifting weights, you may have to use bodyweight or resistance bands when starting off. If you are unable to run, you may have to spend some time crushing your cardio on the bike instead. If one of your arms if out of commission – just train the other arm for a while. Be happy about the fact that there are still many things you CAN do, and try not to focus on what you’re not doing at the moment. Making careful, smart decisions and being patient is really important, and will 100% be worth it in the long run.