things to do in halifax

Last Chance for Romance: Things to do in Halifax

The last few weeks of summer; it’s so easy to keep doing the same old thing. Break your summer habits and try something new that will get you moving! We have compiled a list of some fitness related things to do in Halifax and Nova Scotia, including some of our team favourites.

Things to do in Halifax to Stay Fit

  • Cidadell Hill: It’s easy to forget about the big hill in the centre of our city, but if you have a day with the kids or friends in town, a day at the Cidadel is great. Park low and walk up the hill. Might not seem like much, but walking around downtown and up the hill is a great way to get some cardio in.
  • The Emera Oval: The Oval is the place to be in the winter, but the summer is awesome too! Head over with your ID and borrow FOR FREE: roller skates, inline skates, bikes, scooters, plasma cars and protective gear and helmets (which are required).
  • Hikes: Kearny Lake, Long Lake and more are less than half an hour outside the city. We still have long days so head out after work with a friend or kids and you will be back within a couple hours.
  • Paddle boarding: This water sport has a reputation for being “easy” but it’s actually the perfect activity for anyone who needs a little help with their core. You can start out on your knees and once you’re up on your feet, you will feel the burn the first couple times.

“SUP boards are also available to borrow from the St. Mary’s Boat Club from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays for a maximum of 1 hour.”

  • Bouldering or Climbing: If you need to get out of the sun, hit up Seven Bays. Very accessible, and nice if you have kids who need to let out some energy. Shoe and chalk rentals are available for rent.
  • East Coast Outfitters in Prospect: Kayaking is a perfect day trip. Below is a snap of Victoria out on the open water. You can also take advantage of a paddle at the St. Mary’s Boat Club:

“Adult paddle night: Adults can join in a paddle around the Northwest Arm for $15. Arrive at 5:30 to get your kayak and gear. June 1–September 30
Paddle night runs from 6:00–8:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.”(St. Mary’s Boat Club Website.)

Summer Fitness PUSH

What has our team been up to this summer to stay fit?

“This summer, my husband and I started hitting the WAEG in the evenings for tennis. We are able to get in some activity without going too far. We also love to get out for a kayak when possible! ” –Victoria

“I’ve camped all my life but this summer we decided to do a hike-in camping adventure. We chose Pollet’s Cove in Cape Breton. Pollet’s Cove was a challenging hike with a couple of serious inclines and a variety of terrain. We hiked at a pretty decent pace, but still took breaks to catch our breath/snack/rehydrate. I brought along some dissolvable electrolyte tabs I picked up at MEC to make sure our energy levels didn’t dip too low. In the end, it felt amazing to achieve something I’ve never tried before. The scenery, views and wilderness were the biggest reward, but having pushed myself to do something I previously thought I wasn’t interested in was pretty awesome !

things to do in halifax

I was a bit apprehensive so before our trip, so we hiked the Bluff Wilderness Trail. I highly recommend this hike for anyone looking for things to do in Halifax that are challenging but local.” –Leanne