Consistency in the Summer

Summer is such a wonderful time of the year but also a challenge when it comes to schedules. Better weather means vacations, weekends away and making the most out of longer days. For me personally, these items combined with an erratic work schedule, make it extra hard to have a set schedule for working out.

For example, going on vacation threw me off my workout game. The first few days, I was working out in my hotel room thinking how proud the PUSH team would be. Vancouver soon got the better of me and I was on an eating tour of Main St. (At least it was a walking tour, but that still didn’t cut it.)

Shortly after returning, I noticed that I was focusing on catching up on work, laundry, cleaning etc. but not making my workout a priority. In retrospect, it makes no sense at all that I put cleaning before my own health. When I reflected, I realized I was just nervous about that first visit, maybe feeling like I had lost some of my strength or stamina.

Luckily, the PUSH team checked in and that’s what I needed: accountability. Showing up was the hard part. The workout was just fine and any worries I might have had about going back after a couple weeks off were unfounded. I actually discovered that because I had the break, I had fresh enthusiasm to try new movements and workouts. Victoria set me up with a new and very challenging partner workout and it was great. I could barely walk for the weekend because my muscles were sore, but I felt really good about it! In addition, during the weeks where I can’t fit in more than one workout, I let the trainer know. This week, we mixed it up and did a workout that hit all the movements in one session, just in case I couldn’t make it back this week.


This is the support I need and wouldn’t get if I just had a regular gym membership. I need someone to check in and offer accountability and help problem solve based on when I can come to the gym; someone to help me adjust my fitness plan to incorporate some more challenging workouts. This is also what makes showing up the hard part: that’s all me, and working out the good part: that’s where I have encouragement.


Here are my recommendations if you’re having trouble making your workouts a priority:


  • Let the team know when you’ll be away for vacation and schedule a session prior to leaving on vacation.
  • If you are coming less often, ask to add more variety to your workout to account for those lost days.
  • Be honest. If you’re feeling a little tired from the heat, ask for a workout that accounts for your energy levels.
  • Remind yourself that it’s not about the “beach bod,” it’s about making your health a priority. Any body is a beach body!