How much is enough?

We hear it all the time. “I only had 20 minutes, and what can you do with that?” “I did yoga this morning but that doesn’t really count. I feel like I need something else.” “I meant to go for a long run but ran out of time so I only had time for a 30 minute run.”

All of these statements imply the idea of that it wasn’t enough.

We’re here to tell you that’s a lot of baloney. Here’s the truth: Everything is good enough.

That 20 minutes? Do a quick stretch and some body weight strengthening exercises.

Yoga? That’s great! Your body needs all levels of movement.

A 30-minute run is more than enough to get your cardiovascular bits pumping!

Here’s another one we get: “I didn’t feel up to a full workout. I didn’t have the energy, so I didn’t come for my workout.”

Here’s what you do. You just show up. You let us know the ins and the outs of why you’re feeling low energy. Emotional? Lack of sleep? Over-worked? We can work with that. Our goal is to make sure you are living your best life and sometimes, that means we modify to make a low-key workout to be sure you are getting in some movement and strengthening but without pushing it too far. And that low-key work out? More than good enough!

It’s not just our clients who get into these mindsets. Victoria recounts her own struggle:

“If I don’t do anything for my body in the day, I get upset. That said, sometimes I am low energy and so I work out but it’s a low-key workout. Afterwards, I sometimes beat myself up that it wasn’t good enough. Yesterday after my workout I said out loud, “I basically just stretched for an hour” disregarding that my body needs that and I still squeezed in a solid 15 minutes of good cardio. In my mind, I was going to do an hour of cardio, but just because I didn’t should not negate that I got an hour-long workout in that included cardio and deep stretching. Even I need to remind myself: that was good enough.”

There certainly are efficient ways to work out, and we want to set goals and work towards them.  Making the most of our time, even when we might not have the full hour or be able to do the full workout we planned, is still major steps towards healthy lifestyle goals.

The best approach is to know that anything is good enough.