Throwback Workout at King’s Gym

We rock the group fitness Halifax style here at PUSH and have done so for a number of years. PUSH has gone through many changes to get to where we are today. To honour our roots, we are hosting a throwback workout this Saturday at King’s College.

7:30-8:30am Saturday June 16, 2018 (No class at PUSH Fitness on Bloomfield)

For any of you who did not have the privilege of attending our group fitness classes at King’s, here’s a bit of backstory from Kris:

We began running classes at King’s because we needed a bigger space for bigger groups. Because this was essentially just space, every class required an entire fitness set-up pre-class. I basically built all of our own equipment or had it made. We had to drill a 50’ TRX set up together each morning. I would go out at 6am with the tool kit and piece together all the equipment. It was a lot of work, but at the time I didn’t really think anything of it.

What I liked was that it was a lot of open space. I basically ran a gym class for adults and that was really fun. “Adults don’t really have fun anymore” was the driving factor for this class. The workouts were similar to what they are now but we did a bit more running. We also had a lot of fun: we played soccer, freeze tag, badminton and dodge ball.

There are a lot of fond memories from these times, both from clients and our team. We made our own CDs for these classes. The music was a science. Victoria remembers putting together the music for one class and nothing working. We remember how seriously some people took the games; everyone really got into it!

There were some drawbacks. Since it wasn’t our own space though, non-members could come in during classes, for example. We had less control and couldn’t offer classes that worked with everyone’s schedule. So, like anything, we needed to move forward with our group fitness model.

For old time sake and by client request, we are bringing it back this Saturday. Great ready for the class client’s referred to as “the running one!” (One partner runs and the other does the exercise and then they switch. It pays to partner with a fast runner!)

We decided to bring it back and remember all the good times we had and show gratitude for everyone who was with us in the beginning.

“We’re happy we’re here, but that place got us to this one!“ -Kris.