What Does Healthy and Fit Look Like?

Healthy and fit is a term we hear thrown around all the time, but it means different things to different people. We wanted to share what it means to us based on what we see here at PUSH.

If you have your health, your opportunities are endless. Without it, as anyone who has experienced health problems can tell you, you’ve got nothing. When you experience injury, all you want is to get better. When you are healthy, on the other hand, you can focus your energy on all the other little things you want to do and can do.

We see lots of clients who get so excited when they start coming and begin to feel better. They realize that they had this untapped potential of life, this whole other level of quality that they hadn’t realized. This is what healthy and fit feels like. What does it look like? Well that depends on the person.

It’s individual to each person. That’s why the fitness plans are all unique because one person’s idea of healthy and fit is not only inconsistent with another’s but will change throughout their lifetime.

We also try to give people the tools to look after themselves beyond their training. That’s why we offer free sessions including yoga and stretching, and nutrition coaching. We understand that all of these will work together to help a person reach their own “healthy and fit.”

We also want our clients to focus on their own success and not compare their situation to anyone else. We live in a world where almost no one is immune to the many versions of healthy and fit that are depicted in ads, movies, on social media. We are always focused on your own path and your own wins, which are going to be unique. As you develop your tools to practice being healthy, you will find it becomes easier to maintain and it also becomes easier to gauge your own success based on how your are feeling.

Some tools we recommend outside of PUSH to help increase your level of fit and healthy.

  • Once a week, check in with how you have been feeling. Take note of sleep, eating behaviours, stress and exercise. This might sound simple, but it’s actually really easy to overlook things that are working and patterns of behaviour that are detrimental if you don’t commit the time to review.
  • Give yourself permission to have setbacks. Often we feel a lot of frustration when we have injuries or are sick for a while. Yes, coming to workout and feeling like you’re not at your peak performance is annoying. Know that this happens with pretty much everyone and we are here to help.
  • Self-care yourself. This looks different for everyone but taking a time-out for whatever it is that helps you regain energy, build it into your schedule. Recovery is important.