The Wellness Game Plan

For most new clients, the Wellness Game Plan is going to be the first contact you have with our facility, our team, our process and our community.

We thought we would put together some information for newcomers who might be interested in coming by, but aren’t sure what to expect.


What is a Wellness Game Plan?

Glad you asked. The Wellness Game Plan is an assessment, performed by one of our trainers, that is designed to get to know you. We review health history, goals and your “Why.” The movement assessment measures seven movement patterns. These movement patterns allow us to measure: asymmetries, strengths, weaknesses and imbalances, and each movement is measured out of 3. Some of the examples of the movement patterns measured are: shoulder and hamstring flexibility, mobility through hips and squatting and lunging patterns. The assessment is based on the functional movement screen, though we have our own PUSH variation! This assessment is an opportunity for you to see the gym, get a feel for the facility and the energy and meet the trainers who you will be working with closely.


0 on any moment patterns means you have pain in that moment. For example if you scored a 0 on squat pattern but your lunge was 3, we would build a lot of lunge movements into moving in order to make you strong on the lunge pattern and then once that strength has been developed, we add some squats. No pain, no gain, is not how we look at it. Rather, we get strong in the movements you are capable of doing and then work into the movements that are yet to be perfected. Overall, the assessment helps us to build the personalized program for you.


Our program is unique to each person’s abilities and goals, but in general they include a lower body and upper body push and pull, linear and lateral core and cardiovascular conditioning. We start with basic movement patterns including a two-legged exercise, pushing and pulling your own body weight and a plank variation. We often include movements you have to do in your every day life. For example, you’re going to be squatting for rest of your life, so we want to help you do this safely and well. A push-up and inverted row for example, help you gain the ability to push and pull your own body weight.


Once you’ve completed the assessment, we set you up to start coming regularly. Each time you visit, your trainer will have your personalized program ready and help you work through it, making adjustments based on how you are feeling each visit. The first visit sets the tone for your relationship with us for the remainder of your training.

SEE HERE to go about booking your Wellness Game Plan with us!

“This is going to have a huge impact on you life, and you want to make sure this is the right person to do that work with.” –Victoria Shupe