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Whatever your sport, our mission is to build better athletes

PUSH is the top strength and conditioning facility in Atlantic Canada working with individual athletes and teams of any sport and skill level. We aim to develop our athletes so that they can consistently perform at their highest capabilities, by increasing strength, power, endurance, mobility, and flexibility, which helps keeps them injury free.
Taking a systems-based approach, we lay the groundwork, improving tissue quality, flexibility, and movement patterns; all of which are vital to elevating your game. Improvements in strength, power and agility begin with mastering the basics. This reduces the likelihood of injury, in the weight room and on the field, court, rink or pool. It keeps players playing, rather than watching from the sidelines.
Our training services are available year round, working with athletes and teams during their in-season, off-season, and pre-season time periods. As performance coaches, we work with you and your team to design and implement winning strategies for achieving both athletic and team goals. Through a well thought out design plan, each program follows periodized cycles with proper progressions and regressions for optimal performance and results.
All performance programs at PUSH also focus on nutrition and recovery strategies—key to ensuring that each athlete can perform at a consistently high level. We aim to teach our athletes how to make smart choices out of the gym so that they get the most out of their training as well as have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle after sport.
dal swim
Evan Fitzpatrick, Sherbrook Phoenix – PUSH Athlete since 2012

Top: Rachel Shin, DAL, AUS Record Holder 400m I.M.
Bottom: Evan Fitzpatrick, Sherbrook, PUSH Athlete since 2012

Our program focuses on these key areas:
Performance Testing

Performance Training
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility/Mobility

Injury Prevention

Nutrition Education

Have fun

Bottom: Devon Norris, Rainmen, PUSH Coach since 2010