Semi-Private Training

You will never know your limits unless you PUSH yourself to them

Welcome to the world of Semi-Private personal training. Semi-Private training at PUSH means four people to one trainer and we often have two trainers present. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best time to train for you and comparatively, keeps the cost down.
We take an individualized approach within a group setting to help you reach your goals. We’ve found that, by sharing your hour with others (four people to one trainer), you get—and give—additional motivation. The energy that comes with this type of training is amazing.
At the same time, your program is individualized—tailored specifically for you. We start by completing an initial assessment, with only you and your trainer present. We discuss your health history, goals, and current exercise routine. And we perform the functional movement screen—a series of movements that can indicate weaknesses or asymmetries.

Your first step is to book your assessment with a PUSH trainer. The assessment is an hour and we will talk about your health and training history, where you are now, and where you see yourself in the future. This is the most important hour of your training career at PUSH. Once this is completed, you are ready to attend the semi-private sessions. To learn more about PUSH and our trainers, click here.