Nutrition Services

Success does not come to you... you go to it.

It’s time to get your diet to work with you, not against you. Nutrition is the deciding factor when it comes to gaining, losing, or maintaining weight – you can’t out-run a poor diet. Here at PUSH, you have the opportunity to work with Victoria to come up with an individualized plan that supports your nutritional needs, goals, and lifestyle, one habit at a time.
Our goal is to educate you on the principles of good nutrition and food preparation, and implement simple, effective changes that fit your lifestyle. We accomplish this by conducting an assessment, creating a plan together, and then following up with you. Please see our about page to learn more about Victoria and if you have any questions, please feel free to email her.
Victoria is always happy to talk food and nutrition so please feel free to approach her at the gym if you have questions or if you want some new recipe ideas. In our monthly newsletter we send out a recipe of the month, so make sure you get on the list.
Our Nutrition Education services include: nutrition assessment (one on one), nutrition follow up, continuing education sessions, and group nutrition presentations. For more information, continue reading below.
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One on One Consultation Session

This is designed for otherwise healthy individuals who would like some guidance on how to adjust their current diet to get the results they desire. The goal is to establish healthy lifestyle habits that are easy to maintain and yield results.

During the assessment, we will talk about your current diet, goals, habits and lifestyle to come up with an individualized approach to nutrition. Together, we will develop a plan that includes short-term goals that lead us to your long-term goal. During the follow up, we will see how the current plan is working for you and adjust accordingly. In an effort to help you reach your goals, There will be email support, recipe exchanges and strategies for staying on track.

This includes a 60-75 minute assessment and a 30-60 minute follow-up.

Continuing Education/Follow Up
Victoria works with clients and teams both individually and in groups on providing nutrition education for health and well-being. The follow up appointments are to check-in on your habits as well as assess how things are going. The nutrition education sessions may include meal planning, meal preparation, cooking assistance, navigating the grocery store, how to make the most of your school cafeteria, travel nutrition strategies, fuelling for performance, kitchen makeover etc.These can be purchased as a PUSH Nutrition follow up.
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Nutrition Presentations

Victoria is available to give presentations to groups and/or athletic teams. She is able to tailor her information to your specific group in whatever time frame is available. Having been an athlete herself she is aware of the physical demands and what is required from our diet to keep us performing in top shape.

Email Victoria for more information,