PUSH Fitness

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Semi-Private Training

PUSH Fitness Semi-Private Training Programs are an excellent way to service the health and fitness needs of individual clients in a semi-private small group atmosphere of 2-3 people.

From weight management, injury rehab, or specific sport, the PUSH team will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help each client to achieve their individual goals and keep on achieving!

Group Fitness Classes

PUSH Fitness Group Programs are an excellent way to achieve a balance of cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and core stability. They combine a personal training approach with the motivation, support and cost advantages of sharing the experience.

Nutrition Education

Our PUSH Nutrition educator, Victoria works with you on an individual basis to assess your diet and lifestyle to create a plan together that supports your nutritional needs, goals, and way of life.

You will come up with tools to help you reach your goals, be consistent, and strategies for getting back on track, because, nobody is perfect.