Meal Plan Like a Boss


Good meal planning is like putting together a puzzle. Check out these 7 steps to help make it easier so that you save time and money. The very first thing you need to do is assess your eating situation - how many meals do you need to plan for? What do you have time for? What is your food mood? What is your grocery budget? How many people do you have to feed?

1. Always include at least one meal you've made before
Don’t try to reinvent the wheel every time you cook! Collect your recipes and create a master list of your go-to meals.
These are some of our favourite sites to grab everyday recipes:

2. Plan meals areound items you already have
Create a “to use” list when looking for recipes

3. Let each recipe inform the next
Overlap ingredients by selecting recipes with like ingredients. Create your recipe calendar and grocery list. Indicate quantities and organize your list by where you find the items in the grocery store.

4. Cook more perishable ingredients first

5. Use an APP or a binder to house all your recipes

6. Plan for leftovers
If you’re going to be cooking dinner, you might as well double and have some leftovers for lunch.

7. Make it visual
Making your meal plan visual may hold you more accountable for executing on the cooking. Have your meal/recipe calendar in plain sight so you know what you're cooking.

This information is from My Fitness Pal and cooksmarts you can read about meal planning in more detail there. These are some other great resources:

Week in vegetarian meals
Meal prep for the week
Cook Smarts does the meal plan for you

For the awesome "What to Eat" pad pictured above, see HERE.

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